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At TR4NSFORM ENERGY, we bring a wealth of global experience and expertise across multiple sectors. Our team's experience ranges from renewable energy management and engineering, project management in automation and robotics, to spearheading product development in the wind energy sector. We have build proven and essential skills in developing multi-stream renewable energy eco-systems in the field of Biogas and Biomass recycling combined with other renewable energy types, and have managed landmark projects in the wind turbine technology sector. We have experience from building some of the largest operative Hydrogen Elektrolyses plants. Check out our expertise from selected skills projects herunder

Market research and feasibility studies for technology development and deployment

  • Business planning and production ramp-up.

  • R&D development leadership on international in complex technologies.

  • Rollout of massive infrastructure projects in remote areas (Amazon bassin). 

Launch and operation of multiple Biogas and Biomethane plants in Northern Europe.

  • Successful launch and ramp-up of multible Biogas plants.

  • Biogas purification.

  • Planning, Implementation and operation.

  • Contact & contracts with farmers. Nutrition values, Biogas Online to Mark Online system where farmers exchange data and optimize performance.

  • Tender process with suppliers. Civil work. Process flow (PFD + PID) and Site layout .

Renewable Energy Management & Engineering

  • Successfully managed all activities related to a PtX demo plant with 9MW electrolysis, leading to the production of up to 4 million m3 e-methane.

  • Demonstrated accountability for ramp-up of biogas production and new CAPEX projects.

Project Management in Automation and Robotics

  • Executed complex projects at two hospitals with over 30,000-man hours in total.

Project Management & Product Development in Wind Energy

  • Managed small and large projects, including new product development to stay ahead of industry standards.

  • Led projects from the idea phase to full implementation, including handover to operation.

Project Management & Coordination in Concrete Production and Equipment

  • Successfully coordinated between Sales, Project, Service, and After-sales departments.

  • Managed a portfolio of 20-25 projects across the EU, USA, and Asia, with a total turnover of approximately 15.1 million USD.

Department Management & Business Development in Technology and Innovation

  • Achieved top and bottom-line growth across three business units.

  • Developed a strategic roadmap for the commercialization of an automated laser welding business unit.

Commercial & Technical Project Management in Wind Turbine Technology

  • Successfully managed two highly strategic turnkey projects for a South Korean and German customer, marking a landmark in the industry.

Project Management in Global Wind Systems

  • Managed large-scale capacity projects and single projects exceeding approximately 96 million USD in Europe, US, and Asia.

  • Implemented robot solutions worldwide to increase production capacity.

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